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To bring our customers the latest information, we begin our work with European customers in the evening, assist our customers in New York at midnight, and start work with our LA customers at dawn. At NK TRADING we never sleep.
NK TRADING always finds you the best prices and pairs that with the most suitable freight forwarder to ensure you get maximum value.
Founded over 15 years ago, NK TRADING has established relationships with more than 60 customers in over 15 countries all around the world.
Discover what NK TRADING can do for your business with the strengths of our multinational team.

NK TRADING offers our customers comprehensive service, our attention to detail is sure to meet your needs.

NK TRADING is always striving to improve our service and continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers in this everchanging landscape.


Company Profile

Name of company NK trading
Date of establishment September 27th 2004
Annual selling amount 600 million yen (results for May 2021)
1 billion yen (forecast for May 2022)
President & CEO Mr, Nanao Sawano
Main office Sanei Dai3 Building 302 Ueno, Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0005 JAPAN
Sales Division Excellia Akihabara 1F Ueno, Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0005 JAPAN
Staff members 8 persons(Including part-time job)

Access map

Main office
Sales division

Our dealing products

Import Toy, Video game, Electronic equipment, Lfe misc. goods, Food
Export Video game, Toy, Life misc. goods
Brokerage Trade(import&export) toys, food, Life misc.goods and Amusement equipment.
We have contracted with over 10 International forworder you can select by ship, by air, F.O.B, or C&F, you name it!
FedEX, UPS, DHL etc...

Importing & exporting countries(as of 2021)

  • Chinese mainland

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • Taiwan

  • Hong Kong

  • The Republic of Korea

  • Japan

  • U.S.A

  • Liechtenstein

  • Singapore

  • Mainland UK

  • Canada

  • New Zealand

  • Indonesia

  • U.A.E

  • Malaysia

  • Australia

  • France

  • Portugal

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Belgium

  • Israel

  • Thailand